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Blog Updates

I have to start with an apology. Sorry, the blog has been out of shape for quite a while, especially for mobile devices. Mobile view was disabled, making the blog quite inaccessible to those trying to read on phones and other small devices. However this has been fixed.

The reason why mobile view was disabled was to allow the screenplays to function on smaller screens. As you'll see, they're formatted differently to the rest of the blog, and disabling mobile view was an easy fix to a slightly complex problem. But, as is obvious, an easy fix is almost never the right one. So, it's taken a while, but mobile view is back on and all screenplays will function on phones. Added to this, for viewers on desktops, laptops and so on, the formatting has also changed - just a little. The margins for the dialogue have been narrowed as to allow the eye to move down the page faster.

So, sorry again. Especially to those who were inconvenienced, or couldn't read my screenplays due to bad formatting. Links will be provided in each part of every screenplay to mobile friendly versions. If you haven't read any of the following due to these formatting issues they're now just a click away:

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