Thoughts On: Star Trek Beyond - This Is It...


Star Trek Beyond - This Is It...

Quick Thoughts: Star Trek Beyond

An ambush leaves the crew of the Enterprise crash landed and scattered on an unknown world where danger, in the form of Krall, surely waits.

Ok. This film here. This film is the best summer blockbusters get. And that's in no way an insult. Star Trek Beyond is an example of a perfect blockbuster, a flawless summer film, quite simply, a great movie. If I were to rate films, give them stars or points or whatever... yeah... this film gets all of them. There's aspects of the writing and acting that are a little rigid, meaning that one or two moments in earlier scenes aren't very believable and that all the jokes don't hit too hard, but all of that is negligible. There's simply a magical quality to a good blockbuster, something Spielberg is best at drawing out, and that's exactly what this film has.

Before diving into this, I'd just like to say, I'm in no way a big Star Trek fan. I say all of this from a near neutral perspective. I've seen the newer Abrams titles, but can't really remember them all that well, and a couple of the old pictures (Voyage Home, Wrath Of Khan) but, I've never gotten into the franchise. I then went into this film without much expectation at all. It's safe to say though, Star Trek Beyond blew me away. You haven't seen this film? Go watch it.

Without any spoilers, I can tell you that this is not a film about great parts, cool segments or massive set-pieces. This is a fluid piece of perfectly orchestrated entertainment. This is what makes it a great blockbuster, a perfect blockbuster, something comparable to the works of Spielberg, Jurassic Park, Raiders Of The Lost Arc, Jaws or Close Encounters. Each second is a moving instrument apart of a greater machine that perfectly balances comedy with action, reality with the surreal, grounded art with fantastical entertainment. This leaves you with a film that is utterly immersive, that plays your emotions with ease. Whilst there are no strictly stand-out scenes (maybe one in the third act to do with radio waves) a wholesome idea of a movie that demands to be experienced in its entirety has been created with this Star Trek. In other words, it's not just a conglomeration of loosely related scenes... ahem...

... that film can still die.

This is what Spielberg does. His films build and build and build in terms of action, drama, intensity, but manage to sustain an essential magical quality. This essential quality is hard to define outside of saying it's a balancing act. It's taking great characters, amazing action scenes, exciting direction, astounding visual imagery and having them support one another, not compete, leaving you smiling for almost 120 minutes straight. Everything about this film works.

There's more to be said here, but to do so would require delving into spoilers. We will do this in the next post. However, this movie really struck a cord with me. It's everything and more you could expect or want from a blockbuster. Go see this movie. Whether you love Star Trek or not see it in the cinema. You won't regret it.

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