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It has been a while since the last blog news, so now seems as good a time as any to catch up. There aren't any significant announcements today, but I can say that the next screenplay of The DSU is quite close to completion. So, within the next few months you'll certainly be hearing more about book 8.

In regards to the Every Year In Film Series, we are now coming up to 1910. Last week, we took a break from the series as I think we will continue to do every time we move into a new decade, so I hope everyone looks forward to the next post that will come out later this week.

Some may be wondering what is happening with the mini-series on Finding Nemo. It is still in progress and there are still two post that will be coming out. I did, however, burn myself out by watching the movie numerous times in the space of a few weeks. I have been reluctant to revisit the mini-series because of this, but will certainly be back on track to finish it off soon. I was thinking of possibly jumping into another Disney film to add to the series before returning to Finding Nemo, but we shall see how this pans out in the next week or so.

The World Cinema Series. We are really blasting through this with about 58/201 countries covered. Our next country will be Finland and, after that, France. I had been contemplating expanding certain parts of the series for nations with really significant industries. This would have included countries such as America, France, Germany, Britain, Iran, Nigeria, Japan, India, Mexico, Italy... etc. However, I have disregarded the possibility of covering 5-10 films from each significant country as there are so many countries that I could possibly do this on and a few that I have passed in the series already (Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, etc.). This means that I will have trouble finding a film for countries such as France, but we will continue to cover one film for each country nonetheless with a few updates made available that link to extra films.

I still do like the idea of attempting to give an overview of significant countries' film histories, and so once the World Cinema Series is over, we may be able to open up a Regional Cinema Series where we can zoom in on Middle Eastern Cinema, Western African Cinema, Latin American Cinema, Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. In this series, programmes that analyse specific film histories could be constructed. This will take some planning and the completion of the World Cinema Series, so this is something for the future, but maybe this sounds interesting to you.

Lastly, I'd like to note that, to all you regular users, I am always interested in hearing your thoughts on movies and all the subjects we do (or even do not) touch on. The comments are open and I will reply as soon as I can. And this is true on all of my social media (Letterboxd, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.). So, if you think I miss something in a movie, if you think my reading is nonsense, if you have a movie recommendation that you would like to see on the blog or in The End Of The Week Shorts, if you have suggestions for changes/additions to the blog, if you have your own blog or content that you'd like to share - if anything - please shoot a line my way. Here are links to all of my social media stuff that you can usually find on the about page:

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And that's it for today. Thanks for reading.

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