Thoughts On: The Corpse - Get Rich Qui...


The Corpse - Get Rich Qui...

Quick Thoughts: The Corpse (Askerenu, 2013)

Made by Tamiru Berhanu, this is the Ethiopian film of the series.

Somewhat like the cinema of Eritrea, Ethiopian cinema, despite its scope and volume, has very little written about it. Ethiopia's case isn't as extreme as Eritrea's however. There are a selection of contemporary and older Ethiopian films (stretching back to the early 70s) that have gained international recognition; Harvest: 3000 Years and Difret, for example. However, this forms a small pool of films that are dwarfed by the relatively anonymous stream of contemporary films. As with Eritrean films, the only place these can found by anyone outside of the country where they probably circulate on video or DVD and through the cinemas, is the internet with YouTube channels such as Arda Movies. Added to this, is a site which provides the most information about the Ethiopian film industry that collects and catalogues a vast number of Ethiopian films citing innumerable companies, artists, awards, etc, and is seemingly attempting to bring greater recognition to the national film industry whilst building a stronger culture around film.

Our film for today is an example of a mainstream Ethiopian movie. Askerenu, or The Corpse, is a thriller/melodrama and a dark twist on the get-rich-quick film. In such, this sees a wife plot to kill her husband with her new lover, who plans to use the money she will give him to build a private hospital. Told using a complex network of timelines, there is a freshness and ingenuity imbued into this otherwise cliched, much-told plot. And as things continually deepen, there emerges a hint of horror that provides a striking, rather unforgiving, climax. The only faults of the film, as one that holds a strong amateur aesthetic, is that the experimentation with structure and editing is embedded into the script whilst the direction and numerous other cinematic elements seem to be playing catch-up. As a result there is a sense of discord and confusion about the final product, but one that nonetheless allows the audacious script to shine through.

If you're interested in checking out Askerenu, you can follow this link, or watch the entire movie here:

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