Thoughts On: Cinema & The Big Bang


Cinema & The Big Bang

Thoughts On: The Essence of Cinema

The following are the edited notes I made when trying to think about light and the purpose of cinema. I have not tried to turn these notes into an essay as I usually do because they are so abstract and probably best kept as is. I hope you find some value in them...

What is light
Light is photons
Photons are packages of energy that are emitted when electrons move
They aren't just created, but are the transference of energy

No energy is created, it is transferred and was put there by the big bang
The big bang wasn't just the start of matter, but the start of energy?
What is energy
It is a force of effection that becomes affection;
The objective becomes subjective
Did the universe create humans to take in energy;
Are we vessels that catalyse the transformation of effect into affect
Do we give energy meaning, do we assign value to the energy in the light

What is the difference between affection and effection?

Affection leads to the creation of the non-literal?
Affection creates meaning?

Affection is creation, effection is transference

Emotions are transferred;
They move in the collection unconscious

Affection is the movement into a system that is so complex that it is not just a basic process;
It is two dimensional in that it is aware, it both is and can see that it is;
It is present and knows of the past and that there is a future to come

To be conscious is to understand time
You facilitate process and time;
Space and time

What is it to know and understand?
Bear properties that can interact with time

To process something is to do more that exist in a system;
It is to propagate it;
Is to have function, and function is meaning

What is the difference between functioning and having function?

Time is eternal, space is finite
Time is eternal because it destroys space;
It transcends what it possesses
Space is finite because something can only function for so long
If something is to go on, then it must change
To change space must be created and in turn effect time before being destroyed
To function is to contribute to change before being destroyed
To have function is to change forever

Function is finite, having function is eternal

Acting is finite, having meaning is eternal

What is the fundamental meaning?
To exist

Somehow having function - meaning - is to start existing;
Meaning only wants to be preserved because it did manage to come into being

What came first, wanting to exist or existing?

How do you want?

Space is being, time is meaning

Did I find meaning in cinema after watching it or did I watch it because it had meaning

Light hit my eyes and it gave me access to time
Time carried meaning to me

What is the singularity of meaning
Why did time start moving

To overcome not knowing

Not knowing creates the friction that emanates time
Friction can only be there if someone witnesses it

That is the illusion

Light can only be certain colours;
Colour is finite
Light is not light if it does not fit within ranges of possibility

There is no impossibility, there is only what is possible
We escaped it and are escaping it
Time is possibility emerging from impossibility;
Something from nothing

There was never nothing, there was only ever increasing probability

Probability is the unity of the impossible and possible;
The positive and negative

Impossibility is eternal, possibility is finite;
It is smaller and there is less of it
However, possibility wants to grow

Though potential initially laid dormant, potential wants to consume all


That is its nature;
Its being is wanting to be whilst not being;
It is function having function:

We try to imitate and embody potential;
That is human existence
We are trying to be function having function

Cinema is one of the facilitating processes

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