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This is just an acknowledgement of a few slight changes. I have been cleaning up many aspects of the blog and its navigation system over the past few weeks. A significant change I have just made concerns the Film List. As you may well know, to navigate back through posts, there is a board of links that looks like this:

Now-426 | 425-401 | 400-376 | 375-351 | 350-326 | 325-301 | 300-276 | 275-251 | 250-226 | 225-201 | 200-176 | 175-151 | 150-126 |
125-101 | 100-76 | 75-51 | 50-26 | 25-1

To keep things brief, whilst you will see this panel on the main Film List page, when you push further back, you will see link systems like this:

Now-426 | 425-401 | 400-376 | 375-351 ...

I have made this change for personal administrative reasons, but it works about just as well as the previous system. Skip this next bit if you don't care about the reason why I made this change...

This change had to be made as I had to update every single page, and there is over a dozen attached to the panel, every single time I added a new one. This meant that with every addition of 25 new posts/films, I had to spend many tedious hours updating a plethora of new pages. This new system saves me a lot of work and doesn't leave me dreading having to update everything (hence putting it off and letting the pages get very messy).

Other elements that I have been playing with are the playlist links such as By Date. Not only has this page been updated, but a few of the pages within have been organised. This means you will see links like this...

page     Previous >

... on pages, for instance 10s, that have more than 25 posts connected to them. This is all so that some pages aren't endless reels. I aim to do this with all of the other pages that contain post lists that are too long also. Beyond this, the alphabetical links...

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0-9

... have been corrected. Not only have all letters been filled (though a couple lead to pages without any films - Q for example), but the pages they link to have been alphabetised themselves. This is opposed to the pages having posts listed in order of newest to oldest. I done this so that posts could be searched through even easier.

Another small detail that has been changed concerns the Genre page. (Which actually needs quite a bit more work done to it, but I'll get to that eventually). For now, I have just taken all of the stand-up specials that I cover out of the Comedy page, and put them into their own. So, if you have an interest in stand-up comedy like me, there's a page for you to check out.

One of the main reasons that I had to re-organise a lot of the navigational page networks is because I now, of course, put out the End Of The Week Shorts every Sunday. This means that 8+ posts are jammed into the Film List every week on top of normal Thoughts On or Quick Thoughts posts, and obviously results in a rapid increase of the navigational network. And whilst there are no major changes concerning the EOTWS, I have created a new page system where you can find the EOTWS individually - which is an alternative to them only being woven into the main stream and the Quick Thoughts stream.

What I plan to do soon is take all of the EOTWS out of the Quick Thoughts page (because now the EOTWS have their own page) as well as create a new Thoughts On page that only feature the longer posts. Navigation links for these will eventually be found in the main Film List page. The reason why I will do this is so that there will be a place where you can read short, medium and long posts as you wish.

With that said, I'm always messing about with these things so that all of my posts are always accessible to you, instead of only the most recent, leaving the hundreds before them lost in the history of the blog. I understand that some may not care for older posts (admittedly, my style has changed over time) or simply do not care for the navigation system. To those, I could direct you to the WordPress version of this blog that has no navigational system like this one does, instead is trapped in the present moment. That blog of course has a different aesthetic and is still playing catch-up with this one (it's a couple of hundred posts behind), so there's that if you choose to visit it.

And on a final note concerning navigation stuff... I know the navigation system on this blog isn't perfect, but I could direct you to my Letterboxd account. Letterboxd is of course a great site that is essentially a social media version of IMDB (so if you don't have an account and like movies, certainly give it a try). This is a tool I use to put out the EOTWS as I write them during the week, but is also where I do a lot of organising and finding of films (for example, for the World Cinema Series). Over at Letterboxd I have then created lists, like Thoughts On: Films, that are connected to the review excerpts from this blog that you will find on Letterboxd. If you're interested in a really efficient and accessible way of viewing the films I have covered, certainly check out those lists - and use Letterboxd's own filtering tools as you like.

All in all, I have probably just exhausted you with my own ridiculous need for organising things. I hope some of this helps you and... thanks for reading. Before you go, I'll remind you that I'm still working on the next book (screenplay) of The DSU...

I don't know when I will be releasing this, but it will be within the next few months, so look forward to that. I'll let you go now. Again, thanks for reading.

UPDATE: The Blog News posts have been organised into a page of their own. (Not an intentional joke).

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