Teluki/Bad Dream - Two Psychological Shorts

Quick Thoughts: Teluki (2013) & Bad Dream (2012)

For Brunei, we will be look at two short films by Abdul Zainidi.

Clearly an amateur film, one with many technical faults throughout, but a few strong images and moments of editing. It describes itself as a story about a boy who ignores superstitions of ghosts as he travels home from his grandmother's one day, and uses this inkling of story to justify some ill-constructed surrealism with supernatural effect. 
If this narrative had some clearer ties to its backstory and projected a character with at least some hint of inner conflict and reason, this could have worked a little better. But, for what it is, Teluki is merely a film you may choose to watch if you're interested in seeing a movie from Brunei.

Another psychological short film by Abdul Zainidi, who interestingly decides to quote himself to open this movie. Much like Teluki, there are attempts toward surrealism that are captured with a few technical mistakes and downfalls in Bad Dream. However, this short does have a much more coherent narrative, moreover, it manages to better established its themes and characters. In such, Bad Dream follows a directionless adolescent who puts his hopes and reasoning in ambiguity; his dreams. For the manner in which this is expressed and commented upon, Bad Dream is many more times more interesting, not to mention technically better, than Teluki. 
So, again, this is not a great movie, but, if you're interested in watching a movie from Brunei, maybe give this one a go.

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