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Here are all of the long form essays that are posted on the blog, all of which will be over 750 words long.

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Skyscraper/Die Hard - Quality Via Structure

The Functions Of Dramatis Personae - Concept-Object Reduction

The Stanford Prison Experiment - The Rain & The Rainbow

Captain America: Civil War - Resolution?

Known & Unknown Mimesis: Projection & Drama

Every Year In Film #37 - Making A Living

Subjective & Objective Projection

The Harder They Come - Crime, Punishment & Insight

The Nights Of Cabiria - Tragedy: Italian Neorealism vs. Aristotle

Modern Times/Playtime - Chaos In Modernity

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem - Possessed By Law

Kinetta/Dogtooth/Alps/The Lobster/The Killing Of A Sacred Deer - Chaos As The Norm

The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Change & The Presentation Of Death

Ready Player One - The Game Of The Creator

Projection & Possession - What is Photogénie?

The Grand Illusion - As Unconscious Truth Rises...

Shades Of Consciousness & The Cinematic Dream

Sholay - The Masala Film

Clash Of The Titans - Cinematic Mythology & Numinous Fantasy

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story - Category III

Eraserhead - Into The Anima

Meshes Of The Afternoon - Narrative Syzygy: Why Are Heroes Typically Men?

Moana - Syzygetic Projection & Gaze

Every Year In Film #36 - The Squaw Man

There Will Be Blood - The Fickle Family Man

Autumn Sonata - The Infantalising Mother

Project A - The Quintessential Action Hero

The Cloverfield Paradox - The Problem In The Script

Every Year In Film #35 - Raja Harishchandra

Why Drama Is Not A Genre

Stalker - Transcendent Function: Art As Becomingness

The Wind Rises - Dreams On Windswept Earth

Black Panther - Collective(s)

Transformers - Elements Of Bastard Cinema: Image, Narrative, Character

From Up On Poppy Hill - Genre vs. Story

Letter From An Unknown Woman - Anima Possession

Arrietty - The Family Spirits

Justice League - Smart-Stupid


Every Year In Film #34 - Romeo e Giulietta

The Narrative Singularity - Where Do Stories Come From?

Ponyo - Tonal & Logical Consistency

Blade Runner 2049 - To Build A Soul

Tales From Earthsea - The Archetypal & The Cliched

Secrets Of A Soul - The Psychoanalytic Film

Get Out - What Could 'Get Out 2' Look Like?

The King Of Comedy - Corrupt Celebrity

Kukurantumi, Road To Accra - The Futile Road?

The Cat Returns - At Your Own Pace

Every Year In Film #33 - The Defect

M - Justice Hurts

Spirited Away - Sink Into Who You Are

The Shape Of Water - The Monstrous Lover

Thor: Ragnarok - Marvel Mythology?

The Disaster Artist - The Passive Truth That Conceals A Lie

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer - A Spectrum Of Drama: Tuphlodrama

Every Year In Film #32 - When Did Cinema Become An Art?

Khadija - Gambiwood?

Fighting - Where Is The Music?

Mother - The Maternal Nightmare

Rust & Bone - What It Means To Love A Movie: The Objective-Subjective Cinematic Space

My Neighbors The Yamadas - Cartoon Expressionism, Subdued Impressionism & Innocent Surrealism

Princess Mononoke - Children Of Nature

Gantz: O - Game Cinema

Amélie - Why I Love This Movie: Objective & Subjective Impressionism

The Wizard Of Oz/No Country For Old Men - Objective Impressionism

Sakawa Boys - Approaching Ghallywood

Every Year In Film #31 - The Abyss

Ugetsu Monogatari - The Ghost Of The Female Archetype

Elephant - Confounding, Confused

Whisper Of The Heart - The Emergence Of Personage

Pom Poko - Whimsical Deception

Dangal - It's Who You Fight For

Every Year In Film #30 - A Corner In Wheat

Ety Hitsan - Eritrean Cinema?

Sidewalls - Romantic Tension

The Seashell And The Clergyman - Cinema As An Ideology

Every Year in Film #29 - Fantasmagorie

Numéro Deux - Say What!?

Only Yesterday - Animated Photogénie

Histoire(s) du Cinéma - Godard's Failed Time-Image

Pierrot Le Fou - The Auteur & The Broken Cinematic Space

The Wolf Of Wall Street - Constructions Of Cinema: Exploitation?

Every Year In Film #28 - The Fatal Sneeze

Kiki's Delivery Service - To Sell Ones Soul

Who Is Cinema For?

Finding Nemo - The Family Circle Of Trust: Dory

Every Year In Film #27 - The Story Of The Kelly Gang

King Arthur - A Downtrodden Masterpiece

Henry Rollins: Talking From The Box - Spoken Word & Cinema: Subjective Impressionism

Grave Of The Fireflies - Flickering Lights

Every Year In Film #26 - Dream Of The Moon

Oldboy - What To Do About The Monster?

Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind - The Saviour Witch

Spider-Man: Homecoming - The Postmodern Conflict

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