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This is just a recognition of a few slight changes. I received a warning from Google AdSense that notified and suggested that I change some elements of the blog that were "sexually suggestive or intended to sexually arouse". They point to the post on Jean Vigo's À Propos De Nice in which I show images of a naked woman and dancing women shot from a low angle - images that got Vigo's film banned and censored in the 1930s. I certainly didn't use these images to be sexually suggestive (which is vague in itself) or arousing, and nor did Vigo in my opinion. However, I completely understand that Google's advertisers probably don't want images of naked women next to their banners. So, I attempted to just remove ads off of that specific post, but I couldn't find a way to do this. I then had to resort to censoring some of the images myself:

Whilst I think this censorship is a little childish and not entirely justified because of the context in which I used these images, the fact remains that Google owns Blogger and runs this service through advertisers, and so they make up the rules. (I have tried to appeal the warning, but nothing came of this as I was just directed to Google policies). I am not certain if other content on this blog would be considered "sexually suggestive or intended to sexually arouse" and so would be used to threaten the demonetisation of Thoughts On, but, A) I will be going through the posts that I think could be policy violations, and, B) I do not mind if the blog is demonetised. This unfortunately means that you may see a few more of those black boxes around in the future, but that, even if the blog is demonetised, I will still be putting out posts at the same rate and on the vast variety of films that I always do - and this may include mature content.

With all of that said I'll only reassure you that this slight change won't amount to much at all. Thanks for reading.

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