Thoughts On: Nascent - Like Water


Nascent - Like Water

Quick Thoughts: Nascent (2016)

Made by Jon Kasbe and Lindsay Branham, this is the Central African Republic film of the series.

Nascent is a short film (only 6 minutes) that beautifully depicts two children who live in the Central African Republic, one of them a Muslim and the other a Christian. Suspended by rippling slow-motion and laced with beautiful textures, warm colours and silky cinematography, this short reveals a conflict that I knew nothing of: a civil war that, to this day and has since 2013, rages between Muslim Sélékas and Christian Anti-balakas. These are two groups are made up of both rebel militia and terrorists and their conflict over the rule of the Central African Republic has displaced up to 400,000 people like the children in this short.

Not so much a documentary, not even heavily political, Nascent is a powerful gesture of hope and, from innocence, a plea for peace that would serve the country like fresh water, uniting its separated factions under a joint need to simply live. Certainly worth the watch, why not give Nascent a go...

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