Frozen - Let It Go?

Quick Thoughts: Frozen (2013)

The to-be queen of a remote island kingdom inadvertently traps the region in a perpetual winter, and so her estranged sister ventures to reconcile with her.

There isn't much to be said about Frozen. We have already talked about all that it lacks and does wrong when looking at Brave. But, though this is not an exceptional effort on Disney's behalf, I don't feel there is a need to go on a tirade. In fact, I quite like this movie, even though it has depreciated in my view over time (and you could recognise this by reading previous posts in this series over which my praise of this movie has very much so waned). The songs are pretty great, it looks brilliant and it is good enough fun to somehow sustain under dozens and dozens of watches. Like with Tangled, I am not exaggerating when I say I have seen this movie, in full and in part, over 100 times. But, because I have little sisters who love this film and have been watching this movie for almost 4-years straight, this is a plain inevitability.

The positives of this story concern an idea of relinquishing oneself from suppression and secrecy through truth. However, with this as a singular statement not supported by other ideas of responsibility, change, maturation and a greater journey towards truth and virtue, this is rather basic and not worthy of much praise at all. Again, I respect and enjoy this movie, but only as a kids' film and as a piece of entertainment. With a better lead character than Anna, and with more of an arc given to Elsa, this could have been an interesting film that holds up under security. Without this, I think this film is destined to only be remembered as a monumental success because of that one song.

That said, do you see more to Frozen than what I've outlined? How does this film compare to the contemporary Disney masterpieces such as Wreck-It Ralph and The Lion King as well as classic masterpieces such as Cinderella and Dumbo?

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