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This may not be a particularly useful page to anyone, but this is where I store all of the posts in which I update you on future events for the blog as well as changes. I write these for the sake of transparency and hope this page further ensures this. The posts have been listed newest to oldest with dates and indications in their titles that imply what they discuss...

Blog News 21/07/2018
Structural Changes

Blog News 26/06/2018
Expanding Beyond Cinema?

DSU/Blog News 10/05/2018
Book 8 Is Going Up Today

Blog News 14/04/2018
The Ghibli Series is Finished

Blog News 24/03/2018
Series Momentarily Suspended

Blog/DSU News 9/03/2018
DSU Book 8 Coming Soon

Blog News 19/01/2018
Every Year Series Schedule Change

DSU/Blog News 7/12/17
DSU+ Announced

Blog News 29/11/17
Catch Up

Blog News 1/10/17
The Ghibli Series Begins

Blog News 29/09/17
Blog Description Change

Blog News 21/09/17
The Disney Series Concludes... Kinda

DSU News 9/09/17
DSU Book 8 Updates

Blog News 4/08/17
AdSense Warnings & Censoring

Blog News 11/07/17

Blog News 15/05/17

Blog News 04/05/17

Blog News 22/04/17

Blog/DSU News 13/04/17

Blog News 23/03/17

Blog/DSU News 15/03/17

Blog News 14/02/2017

Blog/DSU News 14/01/17

Blog News 22/12/16

Blog News 20/12/16

Blog News 23/11/16

Blog News 02/11/16

Blog News 24/10/16

Blog News 01/09/16

Blog News 03/08/16

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